Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eventful Weekend

Last Friday i received a call yg kata mak (my mom in-law) sakit2...sakit dada, sakit tengkuk, sakit tgn...the first thing inside my head was (gosh!) TRO cardiac origin...n ECG tracing confirmed it!! medication given..with referral letter (tq dr hisham)...awaiting appointment on Monday...

ni la ECG org lain punye aaa

The next evening, she complaint of similar symptoms..then was sent to JSH...admitted to ICU and conclusion- she have CAD (coronary artery disease)...OMG! she was otherwise fit n well with no medical illness...Dan since Saturday nite tu la kitorg sefamily dok berulang-alik ke hosp...

"She needs an angiogram (test utk tgk site n severity of the blockage) and probably further intervention (stenting).." the cardiologist said.

angiogram of LAD

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