Friday, June 10, 2011


i love to bkn medical books! ;) hehehe...but actually my reading material varies from time to time....ade masa2 tertentu sgt perlukan self-motivation so will opt for dis kind of helps to realign ur thinking actually....walaupon no doubt la yg al-Quran tu adalah raja segala motivasi dan guideline semua aspek kehidupan... (^_^)

and yessss! books are considered investment least me personally think so....apart from gold, shares, bla bla blaaa...thus, i treasure my books :)


few tips to share:

1. creativity has nothing to do with originality- it has everything to do with being, welcome the UNEXPECTED ;)

2. run ur own plays - design ur own life's game plan....let the game respond to u rather than d other way around...we can create our own plans in advance so that d life will respond to us!

3. simplify ur life! its hard to stay motivated when u're confused...

4. look for the lost gold - our self-motivation suffers most from how we choose to see circumstances in our lives..thats bcos we dont see things as they r, we see things as we every circumstances we can look for d gold...and what we look for, we find

1 comment:

  1. try buku ni Unstoppable dan 4 hour work week
    dua-dua buku ini saya suka sangat
    Unstoppable saya dah abis baca
    4 hour work week baru suku baca tapi rasa best sangat


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