Tuesday, February 16, 2010

mommies outing

sempena long weekend dgn kebetulan nye sume kengkwn aku ade kt jb nie dan valentines day with love in the air still, kitorg pon plan ler nk get together-gether...mende yg da lama gak ler kitorg x buat berempat especially nye....dulu2 biasanye jmpa utk iftar berduyun2 dgn memasing nye hubby n kiddos...but dis time we decided to have just mommies nye outing... ;)

mmg byk ler cite2 pelbagai emosi yg nk kena catch up kan...al maklum lama sgt x share cite2 sensasi dek xde masa konon2 nye...hehehe...so from the funny stories....to the sad but true stories...sedar x sedar da dekat 4jam kitorg bertonyeh....well everybody has their own story kan...but we always hope the best for each of us... (^_^)

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