Sunday, July 12, 2009

excite fitness center @ danga city mall

We all baru balik dr Danga City Mall...accompanied my hubby utk register as clubmember @ Excite Fitness Center... But as usual, our Ariff da terover excited dulu n da guna all the facilities without a valid membership...hehehe

Apart from huge exercise area and free locker provided, other facilities include :
  • boxing area - lps ni sure kitorg berboxing 3 org kt umah...ouuchh!
  • spinning studio -ariff's fav i guess LOL
  • cardio- the latest tech in equipment
  • sauna - ni mungkin akan lebih digunakan oleh ariff's mom ahaks..
  • personal training & weight loss programme - u have to pay xtra to get this benefit (not a 'facility' la tu kan...)

So, lps nie byk le masa hubbyku yg akan terkorban kt sini....harap2 successful in excessive calories burning too... ;)

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