Monday, October 5, 2009

5th October...its my birthday!

Its my bday....n its on Monday...keje g lunch je dgn hubby...kat nearest place yg sempat kitorg nk berdating in limited 1 hour tu....mcm biasa, our celebration xde ler yg vogue2 sgt...usually ada kek, lil gift da cukup...yg penting mesti wrapped with lots of love ;)

Pastu hubby's bday pon just around the 3 days youuuu...which means cake n gifts yg x syok sgt bday dekat2 nie...blom ilang rasa kek yg arini da nk mkn kek lg...n the peak of celebration wil b during our open house this coming sunday!

p/s : to all my families n frens...tqvm for all ur wishes....may all our dreams will come true!
to my hubby, tq so much for everything ;)

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